Eimi Takano is an artist, art toy designer and a character designer. 
She makes cute but little weird characters.The series named "Rice Ball Town."It started in 2012. 

She has one more signature series as a sculptor "Memory Bear" making since 2014. They have big innocent eyes with their memories and a little world on their head. 

She collaborated with Sanrio in 2014 and became a finalist of Designer Toy Award finalist in 2017. 

There is a Rice Ball Town in the recesses of the mountains. 
Many little creatures are living very happily in the beautiful Town. 
Someone has a Donut face, and someone has an Onigiri head. 
 Another one has ears like a cat or a tail like a dog. 
 They all are a little bit strange, but they are all happy and peaceful. 

One girl is reading a book all day long. 
Another girl is enjoying a Zombie cosplay. 

Some boy is watching stars every night. 
Another boy is playing with insects.

They all are doing what they want to do.
But nobody doesn't interrupt them.
Because here is Rice Ball Town!! 

When you want to be smiling, ride on a secret-train Onigiri line and visit the there secretly.
They will make your smile with their every style!!